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D and T Day - Tuesday 22nd October

A great day was had by all, as the children headed for the jungle on their D and T day!


For the day, the whole school worked together on a broad range of designing and making activities which involved a variety of techniques including designing, drawing, assembling and making. The day encouraged children to learn to think  creatively to solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team.  

In each year group the children worked through five stages in varying degrees of detail. They were:

Background Research –Exploring context and existing products

Design–Understanding their intended users and their own product

Planning – Communicating ideas and creating prototypes for product

Making – Selecting the tools and applying the practical skills and techniques

Evaluation – Referring to planning and initial ideas in evaluating their product.


The children had some amazing end products, including: Outdoor shelters, leaver and pulley systems to climb jungle vines, jungle shelters and bridges through the jungle canopy.


Well done to everyone!