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Cross Country

Relays at Castle Dyke - 23rd March 2024

Well Done to everyone who turned out to represent Team Norton today -  parents included! Thank you to parents who took charge of the team numbers and pinned them onto the children and thanks for your support over the Cross Country Season. Thank you to all the children who came along to run and for trying so hard.

The Y5/6 boys A and B teams need a special mention because it started to hail as their race started and it was painful! You all did really well in those conditions.


A big thank you to those children who came and ran to make up the teams today - Sophia and Matilda, Albie, Caleb and Dylan - you were fantastic and I hope you are now hooked on Cross Country!


Congratulations to Parker who received two certificates for 9th place in the league and 8th place at the City Championships.


A Special mention to Stanley in Y5 - a parent approached his dad to say thank you to Stan for helping her son who started having an asthma attack - well done Stan for caring.

Albie, Casper,  Caleb  and Harvey - you were awesome today - BIG well done to you.

Well done to every single one of you, I am so proud of you all. The results have now been confirmed.

Y3/4 Girls Team results: 

Team A - Isla, Tamara, Ruby, Charlotte (20th place)

Team B - Sadie, Gabriella, Abigail, Amber (28th place)

Team C - Iris, Sophia, Matilda and Thea (Mundella) (29th place)

Y3/4 Boys Team Results

Team A - Harry, Jackson, Maksym, Parker (10th place)

Team B - Casper, Oliver, Micah, Nathan (23rd place)

Team C - KyeJai, Michael, Leon, Albie (30th place)

Y5/6 Girls Team Results

Team A - Dotty, Edith, Freya, Eliza (16th Place)

Y5/6 Boys Team Results

Team A - Finley, Jesse, Thomas, Dylan (17th)

Team B - Richard, Stan, Caleb, Harvey (21st)


Longley Park Cross Country (hosted by Norton Free& Lydgate)

If you like running a long way up hill for the first half of a race, then this was the race for you! Don't be disappointed if you didn't get a personal best today because that was very tough with the first half all uphill! As usual, Norton Free children gave their all and although some of you were disappointed, just remember you all finished a very hard race with very respectable scores!!!

Thank you to all the parents who came to help marshal and do the tickets at the finish - team Norton at its best! You will receive a standing ovation in assembly on Friday.

Y3/4 Girls results (120 runners in total)

Team A - Isla, Amber, Charlotte, Tamara

Team B - Ruby, Gabriella, Lucy, Anna

Team C - Abigail and Iris (incomplete team)


Y3/4 Boys Results (157 runners in total)

Team A - Parker, Jackson, Stanley, Maksym

Team B - Oliver, Micah, KyeJai, Michael, Harry


Y5/6 Girls Results (80 runners in total)

Team A - Eliza, Dotty, Freya, Georgia

Team B - Charlotte Rk, Edith (incomplete team)


Y5/6 Boys Results (113 runners in total)

Team A - Finley, Noah, Jesse, Richard

Team B - Harvey, Thomas, Stanley (incomplete team)


I have just entered the results on line and what is really fantastic is that we have teams in every category and for a small school that is AMAZING. Thanks for turning out to support school, you all deserve a medal and when the weather is better, we will have a cross country picnic! Well done EVERYONE

Brunswick Primary School Race (Race 6) 20/1/24 was very cold and although we didn't have as many children out today, we have some great running from everyone. These very brave children took on the race in the bitter wind and low temperatures. Some of you weren't feeling it after the Christmas Break but you still raced your hearts out so well done! We had a few more Personal Bests this morning and if you ran today and have netball straight after (Eliza and Dotty) - then double well done, you are fabulous! There were 128 in the Y3/4 Girls race, 142 in the Y3/4 boys race, 80 in the Y5/6 Girls race and 105 in the Y5/6 Boys race.


Y3/4 Girls

Team A - Amber Williams, Charlotte Harrison, Gabriella Gilson, Ruby Bannister,

Team B - Isla Lindley, Anna Marsden, Lucy Marsden, Abigail Ashmore


Y3/4  Boys

Team A - Maksym Zviahintsev, KyeJai Butterfield, Stanley Thorpe, Micah Holland

Team B - Parker Owens and Michael Ras (incomplete team)


Y5/6 Girls

A Team - Eliza Rodger, Dotty Cubitt (incomplete Team)


Y5/6 Boys

A Team - Finley Karanec, Jesse McGrath, Stanley Dyson, Richard Ashmore


Maksym was 1st across the line today in the Y3/4 boys race - well done Maksym that was lovely to see and there was some healthy competition between Finley and Jessie for first counter in the Y5/6 Boys - they were neck and neck towards the finish. Anna (Y3/4) didn't want to run at the start but she did it and finished with a personal best! Well done Anna!! Welcome back to Betsy and Gabriella (Y3/4) and there was some super teamwork from Stanley and Richard in the Y5/6 boys race - Richard and Stanley supported one another to finish the race and it was lovely to see. Richard said " teamwork makes the dream work" - how right he is! Well done to all of you! I haven't taken my coat off yet!

Mrs Bell

Brunswick Race 6

Race 5 - Parkwood Springs (Race 5)

Well done to everyone who turned up to run this morning in the freezing cold! You all deserve a medal as that was hard! Some people achieved a new PB and some were disappointed but wherever you finished, you are fabulous! There were 107 in the Y3/4 girls race, 132 in the Y3/4 boys, 76 in the Y5/6 girls and 100 in Y5/6 boys race. Michael told me this morning that he is getting better  - that's brilliant! I think you are all fantastic because you finished the race!!! Thank you for braving the cold and representing the school.


Y3/4 Girls  - Team A - Sadie, Ruby, Amber, Anna

Y3/4 Girls - Team B - Lucy, Abigail, Iris, Tamara

Y3/4 boys - Team A - Parker (7th!!!!), Harry (26), Stanley, Jackson 

Y3/4 boys - Team B - Maksym, Nathan, Micah, Michael

Y3/4 boys - Team C - Kyejai, Leon (incomplete team)

Y5/6 Girls - Team A - Eliza, Dotty, Freya, Edith, Mabel

Y5/6 Boys - Team A - Jesse, Noah, Finley, Thomas M

Y5/6 Boys - Team B - William, Richard (incomplete team)


Sadie had a 36 place improvement today, Iris improved by 39 places, Anna improved by 44 places, Lucy improved by 24 places, Abigail improved by 35 places. Well done!

Stanley 5 place improvement, Leon 58 place improvement, Nathan 33 place improvement, Michael 18 place improvement, Maksym 9 places improvement, Jackson 18 place improvement.

Mabel improved by 25 places. William and Richard got below 100 - well done boys!!

Norfolk Park - Race 4

Well done to everyone who ran today and thank you for coming out in the cold and giving your all! We had some brilliant running this morning and consistent results. Parker finished in 5th place in the Y3/4 boys race and there were PBs all over the place this morning. The children made me so proud and Edith managed to make me cry! Sadly, we had a few fallers including Maksym, Edith and Dotty (that I know of) with the amount of pushing going on, it's getting very competitive!

Maksym, I hope you're arm is ok and don't worry you get to run again next weekend!!!


Edith, you fell and if you hadn't  carried on running and finished the race, our Y5/6 girls wouldn't have counted in the league so by getting up, carrying on and finishing, I can enter a full team. Thank you Edith and well done!


There were 153 in the Y3/4 girls race, 157 in the Y3/4 boys race, 74 in the Y5/6 girls race and 115 in the Y5/6 boys race. 


Y3/4 Girls - Team A - Charlotte H, Isla, Tamara, Ruby B

                    Team B - Sadie, Lucy, Abigail, Anna

                    Team C - Iris (incomplete team)

Y3/4 Boys -  Team A - Parker (5th), Stanley, Harry, Jackson

                      Team B - KyeJai, Micah, Oliver P, Michael

Y5/6 Girls - Team A - Eliza, Dotty, Freya, Edith

Y5/6 Boys - Team A - Noah, Thomas M, Caleb, Harvey

                     Team B - William, Richard (incomplete team)


Lots of PBs this weekend - Charlotte H ( up 26 places), Ruby (up 12),Tamara (up 55 places) and Abigail (up 25 places), Parker (up 11), KyeJai (up 65 places), Michael (up 19), Oliver (9), Micah (23).

In the Y5/6 races, Freya (up 2) Edith (up 14), Noah (6), William (17), Richard (32), Thomas M (21).

Our Most Improved Runners this week were Tamara, KyeJai, Richard and Thomas - well done!!!

Race 4

Bradfield Race 3 - Wow, that was hard this morning! Cold and muddy underfoot and quite a long race! Well done to all our children who ran and thank you for running. We managed to get six complete teams out today which will count in the league and 4 incomplete teams which won't count in the league. We had some fab running today and some BIG PBs! 

Y3/4 Girls A team - Amber W, Charlotte H, Ruby B, Isla L

Y3/4 Girls B team - Tamara, Gabriella, Lucy M, Iris

Y3/4 Girls incomplete team - Anna M


Y3/4 Boys A Team - Parker, Stanley T, Harry W, Maksym Z

Y3/4 Boys B Team - Jackson, Oliver P, Micah H, Casper 

Y3/4 Boys incomplete team - Kye Jai, Michael


Y5/6 Girls A Team - Eliza, Dotty, Freya P, Georgia G

Y5/6 Girls incomplete team - Darcey, Edith


Y5/6 Boys A Team - Noah, Jesse M, Harvey, Thomas M

Y5/6 Boys incomplete team - William, Stanley D.


Most improved runner this weekend was Jackson with a whopping 94 place improvement. Micah improved by 38 places, Lucy M improved by 25 places and so did Michael! Maksym improved by another 11 places and Amber improved by another 15 places. Freya and Georgia both improved by 23 places. In the Y5/6 boys team Noah improved by 17 places and William F finished 24 places ahead of his last finishing position. Stanley D had an 11 place PB. Fantastic! Don't be disappointed if you didn't get a PB this time, that race was HARD. There were 138 runners in the Y3/4 girls race, 185 in the Y3/4 boys race, 90 in the Y5/6 girls race and 129 boys in the Y5/6 boys race. We missed quite a few children this morning.  Happy Birthday Dylan, fancy missing cross country just because it's your birthday!

Bradfield Race 11/11/23

Letter about the race at Bradfield

Revised Cross Country Dates 2023 2024

Race 2 - The Bolehills

Pretty chilly this morning and our Norton Free runners made me so proud this morning. Thank you for turning up and supporting cross country. A few children said they weren't going to run but did and finished a very long hilly course. There were loads more runners this week from all schools in Sheffield so don't worry if you didn't get what you wanted. There were 174 runners in the Y3/4 girls race, 224 in the Y3/4boys, 110 in the Y5/6 girls and 147 in the Y5/6 boys!! Loads more than the last race at Concord! That's 655 children! We had 37 children from Norton Free, we were missing quite a few but they will be back (I hope) ! We managed to get 7 full teams of 4 out and 4 incomplete teams which is amazing for a small school. Well done to the newcomers today - your first race and you all finished with a smile - Tamara, Gabriella G, Oliver P and Micah - see you at the next race!

Y3/4 Girls Team A - Amber W, Isla L, Charlotte H, Ruby B

                  Team B - Sadie K, Gabriella G, Tamara, Matilda S

                   Team C - Abigail A, Lucy M, Anna M (incomplete team)

Y3/4 Boys Team A - Parker, Harry W, Stanley Th, Maksym

                  Team B - Casper, Nathan L, Oliver P, Micah

                   Team C - Leon L, Michael  (incomplete team)

Y5/6 Girls Team A - Eliza, Dotty, Charlotte RK, Matilda R

                  Team B - Darcey B, Freya P, Edith, Georgia G

                  Team C - Mabel (incomplete team - girls at a sleepover!!!)

Y5/6 Boys Team A - Jesse, Finley, Noah, Thomas

                  Team B - Stanley D, William, Richard (incomplete team)


IF you didn't run today, we missed you - Olivia M, Iris, Molly B, Betsy, KyeJai, Jackson, Lola, Jade, Emmie, Winter, Dylan, Caleb, Harvey, Henry!

BoleHills Race 2

Race 1 - Concord Park

Well done to everyone who ran today! We had some first timers out today and I think you enjoyed it and hope you will join us again at the next race! We had some brilliant results today and we managed to get 6 teams entered into the league (a team is made up of the first 4 from Norton across the line and the next 4 is Team B). As you will have seen, we compete again much bigger schools and we may be small, but we are mighty! Here are the results...

Y3/4 Girls - Team A - Isla, Amber, Sadie and Ruby B

                    Team B - Matilda, Anna, Lucy, Betsy and Iris

In the Y3/4 Girls race, there were 154 runners.

Y3/4 Boys - Team A - Parker (16), Harry (23), Stanley T and Maksym

                     Team B - KyeJai, Casper, Jackson and Michael

In the Y3/4 boys race there were 202 runners.

Y5/6 girls - Team A - Eliza (23), Dotty (29), Lola (85), Darcey (87)

                   Team B - Edith and Mabel

In the Y5/6 girls race there were 101 runners.

Y5/6 Boys - Team A - Jesse, Dylan, Noah, Thomas and Harvey

In the Y5/6 boys race there were 109 runners

WELL DONE you wonderful children!!!


Race 1

 City Championships 25/2/23

A HUGE well done to everyone who ran today at the City Championships - it was very cold with a long drag up the hill but you all made me very, very proud.


Well done to our newcomers today, Maksym Zviahintsev, Ethan Bickerstaff, Riley Young  and Autumn and Laila Whitehead. You have no idea how brilliant you all were; it was tough, it was cold and you all finished! Nobody gave up and most of you were smiling at the end! You should be very proud! I think you are all fabulous.

We had more PBs today in every race but especially in the Y5/6 girls race. We also had a top twenty finish (Eliza) and Jacob ran really well to finish in 22nd place. 

The team results were as follows:

Y3/4 Girls Teams (118 runners)

A Team - Eliza, Matilda R, Charlotte H, Dotty C

B Team - Charlotte RK, Darcey B, Lola K, Freya P

C Team - Molly B, Mabel S and Georgia G


Y3/4 Boys Teams (151 runners)

A Team - Noah H, Dylan T, Finley K, Jesse M

B Team - William F, Maksym Z, Leon L, Nathan L, Stanley


Y5/6 Girls Teams (102 runners)

A Team - Maya D, Winnie S, Isla S, Alysianna W,

B Team - Isla W, Betty C,  Amelia, Autumn, Emmie, Laila


Y5/6 Boys Team (160 runners)

Team A - Jacob M, Sonny S, Oliver F,  Ethan B, Caleb H

Team B - Harvey, Riley


Well Done to EVERYONE  - Last races are the Relays at Castle Dyke on the 25th March. Please let Mrs Bell know if you won't be able to attend. I will sort the teams before the race.

City Champs 2023

Bradfield -Runners and Mascot!

Race 3

Race 2 Parkwood Springs

First Race - Bolehills 17/9/22

Y3/4 Relays at High Hazels Park - March 2022

Team Silver for the Y5/6 Boys and girls a respectable 10th!


Y3/4 Boys have QUALIFIED for the South Yorkshire School Games Cross Country at Cannon Hall, Barnsley on the 11th February 2020. Well Done boys! 

This event has been postponed until further notice, due to the current weather situation!

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