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Cross Country

WELL DONE to all the Y3 and Y4 runners that came along to the Y3/4 Cross Country Relays. We managed to get three teams running. 1 girls team and 2 boys team. You were all brilliant and we are really proud of you!

Girls A team - Eliza, Emmie, Freya and Lola

Boys A team - Jesse, Finley, William and Noah

Boys B Team - Stanley, Arthur, Richard and Hamza (from Hunters Bar)!


THANK YOU to all of the children for turning up every Saturday and supporting our school with Cross Country. You make Mrs Bell very proud with your determination and team work! 

Y3/4 Relays at High Hazels Park

Change Of Venue For Y3/4 XC Relays 26/03/22

These will now take place at High Hazels Park, Darnall starting at 10am

The start will be down-slope from where 'High Hazel Park Playground' is marked on Google Maps.

General Information about the Relays


  • There will be two races at each of the events – a Girls race and a Boys race


  • Schools can enter as many teams as they wish.


  • 4 runners make up a team. Each runner runs a lap which will be slightly shorter than full League distance. 


  • Registration is on the day and all numbers and pins will be provided. Numbers must be pinned to the FRONT of the vest or t shirt.


  • All runners in a team have the same number, but the first runner will also have A on their number, the second runner B, and so on.


  • All runners will be called up at the same time before the start of their race. A runners will all start together from the start line, while B,C and D runners will be kept in ‘pens’ awaiting their turn.


  • A school’s outgoing runner will be set off as their incoming runner crosses the finish line.


  • There will be certificates for the top 3 teams in each race, awarded on the day, as well as a winners certificate for the winning school in each race.


  • Incomplete school teams will be encouraged to ‘adopt’ a runner (or runners) from another school in order to make a complete team. This should enable all those turning up on the day to get a run, although mixed school teams cannot be awarded certificates.

Provisional Teams for the Y3/4 Relays:

Girls A team- Lola, Eliza, Freya, Dotty

Boys A  team - Jesse, Finley, Noah, William

Boys B team- Richard, Stanley, Arthur, Henry

Team Silver for the Y5/6 Boys and girls a respectable 10th!

Fantastic running today - Norton Free stars ⭐️ ⭐️I think you are all wonderful!! The way you support one another is brilliant .


Y3/4 girls - Eliza 49th, Lola 61st and Freya 80th (95 runners) 
Y3/4 boys - Jesse 63rd, Finley 66th, Noah 81st, William 103rd, Stanley 107th, Richard 118th, Arthur 121st (132 runners) 
Y5/6 girls - Amelie 16th, Maya 51st, Alysianna  66th (87 runners) 
Y5/6 boys- Spencer 17th, Jacob 18th, Harry 82nd, Sonny 84th, Oliver 85th (107 runners)

Brunswick Race - letter 12/3/22

City Championships Letter

Well done to everyone who ran today and huge thanks to all the parents that turned out to help. We had some PBs today and as ever, Norton children are fantastic! In the Y3/4 girls race Eliza Rodger (41) and Dotty Cubitt (48) ran brilliantly. Y3/4 boys Jesse McGrath (69) Finlay Karanec (72) and Stanley Dyson (120) - great effort as you’re still in Y3 running against some huge Y4s! We had 5 girls out today for the Y5/6 race - Amelie Harrison (20), Maya Dyson (44), Isla Walker (47), Betty Cubitt (69), Alysianna Williams (78)-well done girls!!!
The Y5/6 boys were next up that massive climb and did really well finishing 12th Leo Williams, 29th Jacob Marsden, 34th Spencer Trenchard, 80th Harry Higgins, 88th Sonny Steele and 89th Oliver Faulkner - well done to all and your fabulous parents for marshalling and helping out at the finish line! Special thanks to Dotty from Mr Bell for helping him with the poles and marshalling.

Longley Park Cross Country Letter - hosted by Norton Free

Revised Calendar for Cross Country

Well done to everyone who ran at Cross Country this morning at Norfolk Park! We saw some great running despite missing a few runners today. Nearly 500 children from Sheffield Primary Schools were at Norfolk Park today for Cross Country and 17 of them were from our little school - Norton Free. 

Well done Dotty (61) and Freya (81) for running for Y3/4 girls, you were both brilliant, there were 96 girls altogether in the race!

Well done Finley (121), Jesse (86), Richard (141), Stanley (134), Henry (?) and William (136) for making up the Y3/4 boys team and supporting each other! There were 156 in the boys race.

Maya(52), Isla (60) Amelie (26) and Betty (59) made up a team for the Y5/6 girls. It was Betty's first race for Norton Free and she was fabulous - well done Betty, there were 85 girls in the race.

The last race of the day was the Y5/6 boys with 132 runners overall. We were joined by Oliver Faulkner today and he was still smiling at the end of the race! Jacob (19), Sonny (104), Harry Higgins (106), Alfie Dean (116) and Oliver (107) all finished and ran brilliantly, so very well done to you all!


5 minutes before the races started one of the organisers asked Mrs Bell to hand out the raffle tickets to the children at the end of each race - HUGE THANKS to the parents that came along and helped with this - Mrs Steele, Mr Dyson and Mr Higgins - my stress levels dropped when you came to help! What a team!

Cross Country Letter 22.01.22

Well done to everyone who ran today  - it was a very tough course! Well done to Dotty, William and Charlotte who ran for Norton Free for the first time today. 


I've listed the runners in order of where they finished for Norton...four counters make up a team - we've nearly got two teams for the y3/4 girls, can we get any more children to run at the next race??

Y3/4 girls - 134 runners - Eliza (first counter 45), Matilda, Lola, Dotty, Freya, Emmie, Kaysha

Y3/4 boys - 202 runners - Jesse (first counter), Henry, Stanley, William, Arthur

Y5/6 girls - 136 runners - Amelie (first counter), Alysianna, Aimee, Charlotte

Y5/6 boys - 174 runners - Jacob (First counter 13th), Spencer (36), Oliver, Harry, Sonny

You are all AMAZING.

2021 - 2022 Season


Cross Country Letter Race 3

The rain held off on Saturday 2nd October and we had some fabulous results in all the races. Kaysha Buckley (Y4), Henry Gill (Y4), Amelie Harrison (Y6) and Oliver Rushton Smedley (Y6) joined us this weekend for the first time and all 4 of them had a great run. There were around 550 primary aged children at Parkwood Springs this Saturday including 17 from Norton Free. Sadly some children were too poorly to race but we will see them next time! Everyone finished their race and the way the children support one another is outstanding! Thank you for representing the school!

Y3/4 Girls - 115 runners -  Matilda Reeve (23), Lola Kaye (59), Freya Plant (82), Emmie McIver (84), Kaysha Buckley (85)

Y3/4 Boys - 154 runners - Henry Gill (101), Arthur Andrew (108)

Y5/6 Girls - 122 runners - Amelie Harrison (27), Isla Walker (95), Alysianna Williams (100)

Y5/6 Boys - 155 runners - Ethan Hopkinson (13), Leo Williams (21), Jacob Marsden (24), Oliver Rushton Smedley (41), Spencer Trenchard (47), Sonny Steele (118), Thomas Todd (151) 

WELL DONE to everyone who came along to the first Cross Country Race since March 2020! We had some wonderful running and everyone completed the course! If you came along and represented the school, you will receive a certificate! It looks like we have some cracking runners!

Thank you for coming along:

Y3 Girls: Lola Kay, Freya Plant, Matilda Reeve, Eliza Rodger

Y3 Boys: Arthur Andrew, Richard Ashmore, Stanley Dyson, Finley Karanec, Jesse McGrath,

Y4 Girls: Emmie McIver

Y4 Boys:

Y5/6 Girls: Maya Dyson, Aimee Ellis, Isla Walker, Alysianna Williams, Libby Maddocks, 

Y5/6 Boys: Jacob Marsden, Sonny Steele, Alfie Dean, Harry Higgins, Ethan Hopkinson, Thomas Todd, Spencer Trenchard, Leonidas Williams

Cross Country Letter Race One September 2021

Cross Country 2021 - 2022

Cross Country Relays 21st March 2020 CANCELLED

City Championships Saturday 29th February 2020


Well done to all the children who came along to the City Championships at Graves Park on Saturday. You were all phenomenal and I was SO proud of all of you!

On a very soggy, cold, windy day we have some fantastic performances and I'm amazed that every single person finished a very muddy and gruelling course. Well done to Sonny Steele (Y3) who finished wearing one shoe!

At the presentation at the end of the races, Norton Free collected a number of certificates and our Y3/4 Boys team were the second team to finish on the day which is a fantastic result. The results are:

Y3/4 Girls: Libby Maddocks (25), Amelie Harrison (37), Ruby Uttley (50), Amy Currie (51), Maya Dyson (55) and Alysianna Williams (93) - 111 runners

Y3/4 Boys: Leonidas Williams (5th), Jacob Marsden (6th), Spencer Trenchard (24), Oliver Rushton Smedley (42), Harry Higgins (73), Alfie Dean (81) and Sonny Steele (99) 140 runners

Y5/6 Girls: Francesca Brown (7th) (88 runners)

Y5/6 Boys: Jem Martin (6th), Charlie Barker (28), Archie Rodgers (33), Mikey Blore (55), William Morfitt (57), Shae Robinson (81) and Tyler Marsden (90)

Y3/4 Boys have QUALIFIED for the South Yorkshire School Games Cross Country at Cannon Hall, Barnsley on the 11th February 2020. Well Done boys! 

This event has been postponed until further notice, due to the current weather situation!

Well done to everyone who came out to support Cross Country this weekend. We were a bit thin on the ground but we had some fabulous performances. Results below:

Y3/Y4 girls - Amelie Harrison 44th, Libby Maddocks 45th, Maya Dyson 60th  - 109 runners.

Y3/Y4 Boys - Jacob Marsden 8th, Spencer Trenchard 17th, Oliver Rushton Smedley 44th, Harry Higgins 76th, Alfie Dean 93rd, Sonny Steele 108th, Zachariah Powell 153rd. 156 runners 

Y5/6 girls - Victoria Powell 69th (92 runners)

Y5/6 boys -Jem Martin 9th,Tyler Marsden 14th and William Morfitt 82nd - 120 runners.


Well done to everyone who ran.







Longley Park Letter 30 Nov 2019

Cross Country Gallery

Cross Country Dates 2019 2020