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Children's University

Have a look at the different activities available for you to participate in over the October half term holiday. You will be able to earn your CU credits safely.

Passport to Learning October Half Term Activities

CU October Home Learning Activities

Don't forget to send in your evidence when you complete an activity so you can earn your CU credits!

Awarding CU credits:  As we may not be delivering our normal programme of out of school activities at the moment, we still want to ensure all children have the opportunity to collect CU credits at school and are motivated to learn as much as possible. Of course CU credits can't be awarded for all the in school learning children take part in and we do need to be fair. The CU are willing to be flexible and allow us to register ‘enrichment’ activities that may take place in school time, but meet the criteria of CU. Just to confirm, children who have a Passport to Learning can still continue to collect CU credits at registered Learning Destinations in the normal way.


Skills recognition: The development of essential life skills is really important and helps children thrive in later life, particularly in education and employment. The Skills Builder partnership identify 8 essential skills that children need to start to develop as early as possible in order to equip them for the future. These are listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork. Through their participation in CU activities, we know children and young people are developing these skills and we want to start trying to capture this on their behalf so it can form part of their CU learning profile and future record of achievement. This is a brand new development for Sheffield CU and is very exciting! There will be more information to follow.


CU Home Learning Club: As we are unable to deliver our out of school activities at the present time the good news is, CU are creating brand new monthly home learning challenges, linked to the essential life skills listed above. These will be available to our school as we are part of the Sheffield CU. More information to follow.


Once our CU Home Learning Club is up and running, you will be able to complete the tasks and send any evidence of these activities either to myself or directly to CU via their website/Facebook page.

I am looking forward to the exciting new way CU will be taking place, I welcome any feedback, and will endeavour to respond as soon as I am able.

Here's to a brand new school year full of fantastic learning and enrichment!

Mrs Wylie x   

As coordinator of Children's University for Norton Free, I would like to thank children, parents and staff for their support and understanding over the past few years as I have been trying to get to grip with all the elements with in this role. Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding CU and I will do my best to ensure your questions are answered.

Mrs Wylie.

CU information

Ceremony Award Photo July 2019

Well done to all who received an award in July!