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Messages of Hope from our children during the Pandemic

All year groups have written messages of hope


Hope means to believe, to have hope you need to  believe. So believe, believe that we will all be together again, believe that this world will be the same world that we know and love again.

By Amelia Jackson Y6


"I hope we can all be happy and wipe those tears away. The virus will be gone soon and we can all go on awesome holidays again".

Richard Ashmore Y2


"We are all together in this pandemic but hope is key and we can beat the pandemic if we all hope".

Jake Botham Y5


"Covid hasn’t cancelled everything. We still have love, kindness and hope. Keep smiling.  We can do this together".

Ivy Thornton Y3


"These times might be tough but we can beat it.
We just need to believe it".
From Libby Y5


"No matter how hard it is, hopefully you are well, no matter how hard it is we will prevail
Hopefully, I will see you in a month or so. We are going to stop this virus once a for all"

By Luca Y3


"Hope we can fight this virus together. We could be happy and funny just like we were back then. Hope to be with your friends again and teachers"

Martha James Y2


"I hopes that everyone is doing well and that the virus will go away soon so we can see each other again and play together with our friends again".

Cherry Amos Y1


"I hope we are all safe and hope we are enjoying the things"

by Lola Kay Y2


“It’s been very hard in lockdown and we all miss each other but we will stay home and stay safe and look forward to happy days in the ️sun"
 From Harvey Y3 and Iris reception


"I can't wait to hug all my family again"

Leighton Y2


'One day we will be through this, people stay home and be excited for the future'

by Matthew Maughan Y5


I know it is tough but we will battle the way through. We are determined. We can do this!

by Ethan James Y5


"Sometimes you get stuck in the dark but someday you will shine through". 

Leia Follon Y6


Never let the world change your smile. Stay positive 

Jay Thornton Y6

From our children

What is HOPE?