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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

The Year 5 team includes Mr Neilson (Class Teacher) and Mrs Wylie (Teaching Assistant).

Throughout Year 5 the children work on cross curricular topics which are changed each half term. The first topic is Ancient Greece. There is a knowledge organiser below to show what we will learn about. We will also be working on catch up activities to support any gaps in learning. 


If you have any questions, concerns or queries please email Mr Neilson. 

Mr Neilson -

Mrs Wylie -


Mrs Walker will also be teaching Y5 on a Friday afternoon while Mr Neilson has PPA time. 


Please see the following documents for information on Year 5. 

Homework Update

From 6.11.20 homework (both spellings & the homework activities) will be given via Google Classroom, to be completed by the following Friday. I will be able to view completed assignments & respond to any comments via Google Classroom. 

Paper copies of completed homework cannot be brought into school. 

Thank you in advance for your support with homework tasks & if you have any questions about any of the work set don't hesitate to email me

Homework 16/10/20 - 23/10/20


Please find attached this weeks homework. 


Spellings - Practise these in anyway that you find works for you! One of the best ideas so far as ben using Scrabble pieces to spell the words. There is a link below to create a word search using the spellings.


Times Table Rockstars - 20 minutes Garage session. 


Maths Extension - Line Graph discussion problems. (optional)


Black History Month (optional)

We have been looking at the anniversary of  the   'Black Power Salute'.

Some children asked if they could continue research at home and create a 

Powerpoint/poster etc. I have attached a link below to the Newsround report 

we read.


Homework 02/10/20 - 09/10/20


Homework this week.

- 20 Minutes Times Table Rockstars.

- Practise spellings attached below. We work on them on Fridays in class.

- Optional maths problems below. 

Homework - 25/09/2020 - 02/10/2020


You have been so busy writing myths this week that we haven't had

chance to work through our spellings! Keep practising and 

we will complete some activities with them next Friday. 


20 Minute session is set on TTR - As a school we are 9th on the leader board of 

the 30 closest schools that also play! Can we get in the top 5? 



Optional Maths Challenge - I have attached two maths challenges (negative numbers) below should you choose to wish to have a go. 





PE NOTICE - Due to the weather we have been unable to do PE today. Please ensure 

your child arrives in PE kit on Friday 25th September as we will try again. 



Homework 18/09/2020 - 25/09/2020


This weeks homework will follow the same trend as last week. 


I have set another session on TTR for the children to complete. 


A new selection of spellings are attached. In class on a Friday we use 

the spellings to practise handwriting and the children quiz each other. 


Optional Maths Challenge - There are two optional maths questions

that the children can have a go at if they wish. 

Homework 11/09/20 - 18/09/20

This weeks homework is broken down into three tasks. 


1. The children have been given their Times Table Rockstars (TTR) login and password data. A session has been set to complete 20 minutes on garage mode. 


2. Attached below is a list of spellings we will be working on in class next week with the cious ending. Children are free to practise these however they prefer! Things like look, cover, check, challenging family members or how many times can you write it in a minute. 


3. Optional Maths Challenge - I have attached a reasoning problem based on numbers to 100,000 that we have worked on in class this week. It's quite tricky so have a go if you fancy a challenge!  


Homework will be put on this page of the school website every Friday afternoon. The children will be given a week to complete the task. If children/parents would like to share homework with Mr Neilson or Mrs Wylie please email a photograph or the actual document. Please do not send your child in with a paper copy. 


P.E will be on a Monday and a Wednesday starting from 7/9/20. Children are to arrive at school in P.E kit. Joggers and jumpers/hoodies are welcome if it is cold. 


On Monday P.E lessons we are focusing on health and fitness using circuit training. 


On Wednesday P.E lessons our focus is agility, balance and coordination. We will complete a variety of activities throughout this half term. 



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