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Assemblies for our children.

Collective Act of Worship at Norton Free

At Norton Free C of E Primary School, assembly is a special time where the whole school comes together in one place at the same time - our school family altogether! Here, we learn more about our school, our values and we build our sense of community. Here, we are Team Norton!

Assembly helps us to grow and flourish so that we can become a valued member of our community and ultimately society. Assembly enables us to pause and reflect and to think deeply about ourselves, our world and beyond.  

In our assembly, we meet together to think about the following:

This is who we are.

This is what we stand for.

We’re all in this together.

We all belong to something with a common purpose. 







Norton Free School Christmas Assembly

A Christmas School Assembly made by the vicar of St James Norton for Norton Free Primary School

Advent Assemblies 2020 - Week 1

Advent Assemblies 2020 - Week 2

Advent video from The Rt Revd Pete Wilcox, Bishop of Sheffield.

Advent Assemblies 2020 - Week 3

Advent video from The Rt Revd Sophie Jelley, Bishop of Doncaster.

cartoon assembly

Cartoon drawing and the Easter Season