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Knowledge Organiser- Spring 2

Foundation Stage run the marathon!

If you have any concerns about your child - please contact your class teacher in the first instance on the following email addresses- (Monday to Wednesday) (Thursday to Friday)



We will respond to you as soon as practicable.


Reading Books

Please bring your child's reading book back on Wednesdays - we will change each child's reading book once a week.

We will also be reading a levelled book with your child in school, and will be keeping a record of your child's progress. 

PE Notice

PE is on Wednesdays and Thursdays so children should come to school in their PE kit. Please could you ensure your child comes to school in trainers on these days (plimsols to be left in school) and now that the weather is turning colder, either long leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. Many thanks. 

Take a look at your classroom - inside and out!

Welcome to Foundation!

Your Foundation Stage Team is made up of Mrs Wakes, Ms Hayes and Mrs Bolland.


In Foundation Stage we love learning through our children's interests and play. 


Autumn 1-Traditional Tales

In the first term our learning is themed around Traditional Tales such as The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Billy Goats Gruff. We learn through role play and repetition in stories. We also have fun baking our own Gingerbread men. 


Autumn 2- Let's Celebrate!

In this term we learn all about different types of celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas. We have fun making our firework pictures, Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and Diva lamps. We also look at birthdays and have fun counting candles on the cakes and writing invitations. We celebrate the seasons by going on an Autumn walk and visiting the church to learn about the story of the first Christmas. 


Spring Term 1- Amazing Adventures!

In this topic we compare different environments from the Polar Regions to Outer Space. We learn about how polar bears keep warm and learn about how water changes state when cooled or heated. We also fly off to the moon and go in search of Aliens who love underpants! Additionally, we learn about Chinese New Year and hold a crafts afternoon for parents. 


Spring Term 2- Real Life Superheroes 

In this topic we learn about the people in our community that help us including the Police, Firefighters and many more. We also have visitors from different professions to come and speak to the children about their job. Would you like to come and speak to the children?

We also become superheroes and complete superheros challenges in our continuous provision. 

We learn about Easter and new life around us. 


Summer Term 1- I'm Alive!!!!!

In this topic we learn about living things all around us including the life cycle of a butterfly, frog and plants. We make frequent visits to our pond and notice the changes of the tadpoles as they turn into frogs. The children enjoy planting their own seeds and watching them grow. We hope to conclude this topic with a visit to the Tropical Butterfly House.  


Summer Term 2- Our Wonderful World

In this topic we learn about the similarities and differences between our country and others. We particularly enjoy having a French breakfast where we enjoy croissants and baguettes - don't worry you are all invited too! 

We also compare a Sikh Wedding with a Christian wedding and hold our own little wedding up at the church.  


Religious Education

As we are a Christian school we also teach a weekly RE lesson as a stand alone subject. The children learn about the Christian Faith and how it is similar and different to other religions


Autumn 1- Christianity


Autumn 2- Hinduism and Christmas 


Spring 1- Islam 


Spring 2- Judaism and Easter


Summer 1- Buddhism 


Summer 2- Sikhism and weddings