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Year 2

Letter from Mrs Bell.


Dear Year 2,

I am really missing school and I never thought schools would be closed whilst I was recovering from my operation! I was really looking forward to coming back and seeing all of you and now, it seems that I will have to wait!


I really miss your class...every single one of you because you are such a fun and lively class! If you are at home, make sure you are working hard and treating the family well! You have been amazing in Y2 and Mr Smith, Mrs Rasdale and I are SO proud of you. If you are at school, I hope you are having a lovely time and getting plenty of fresh air.


You are all in my thoughts and I am really looking forward to seeing you all again. Please don't worry about anything and remember, when you are my age you will realise that you are a part of history as nothing like this has happened before. Children one day will be learning about you! Miss you!


Love from

Mrs Bell x

Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to Year 2 - here is some information about our learning in Year 2.



The Year 2 team includes Mr Smith (Class Teacher) and Miss Rasdale (Teaching Assistant).

On a Wednesday the children will be taught by Mrs Wakes and Mrs Walton.

Throughout Year 2 the children work on cross curricular topics which are changed each half term.

Our topics for this year are:
London's Burning.
We will learn about the Great Fire of London; what caused it and why it lasted for so long. We'll be asking

and answering questions about this famous event. 


Nurturing nurses

We will be learning about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale and the changes these two important women

made to health and hygiene. We will be asking and answering questions about how they changed the role of nurses

in society.


Let's Go to China


The children will be learning about all about the culture and traditions of another country and beginning to make

comparisons to our home of Norton.


Around the world


We will look at maps of the local area and begin to identify human and physical features of the United Kingdom.

The children will also use maps to identify continents and oceans around the world. They will also name and locate

the countries and capital cities that make up Britain. 



Castles and Knights.
During this topic, we'll learn about the different parts of a castle and why they were built. We will enjoy investigating

how knights lived and their role in society.

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!
We will be comparing seaside holidays in the past with holidays today. Our work will focus on travel, clothing and

leisure activities. We will have a focus that covers both history and geography, as we look at different seaside resorts

in the UK. 


PE will take place on Thursday and Friday.The children will need to bring indoor and outdoor kit, which includes a

white t-shirt, shorts, pumps for indoors and trainers for outdoor activities.

Look at the fantastic jungle pulleys the year 2 children made during D & T day (22.10.19)

Look at the fantastic jungle pulleys the year 2 children made during D & T day (22.10.19) 1
Look at the fantastic jungle pulleys the year 2 children made during D & T day (22.10.19) 2
Look at the fantastic jungle pulleys the year 2 children made during D & T day (22.10.19) 3