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Prayers by our children

Thoughts on Remembrance - by Harriet Corker Y3


Remember the lost from the war

Eleventh month 

Many people had to stand gore

Everyday was war

Mourning for their lost and wearing black

Boys and men fighting

Every plane launching flack

Remember Remember

Written by Hannah Whitaker Year 3 - September 2019

God is my shepherd and I am his lamb, He feeds me, He guides me no matter where I am.

God is the water and I am his fish,

Even when I walk through dark scary places, I won't be afraid because God is my torch and I have faith.

God is my clock and I am his numbers,

God is my lake and I flow through his stream,

This is where we live, all love to God,

Wherever I go God follows.

God is my float and I am his air,

God is my pencil and I am his lead,

God is my king and I am his messenger,

God is my book and I am his shelf,

God is my sparkle and I am his diamond.

Prayers for our class by Year 4.