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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4!

Our year 4 team includes Mr Smith (class teacher and SENCo) and Mrs Wylie (teaching assistant), Mrs Wakes (Teaching 1 day per week) and Mrs Bolland (Teaching assistant). During year 4 the children work around cross-curricular topics, which change every half term. These themes link to English, Maths and Science where possible.
Romans - Eruptions (Autumn 1)
During this term the children will investigate volcanic eruptions and particularly study the impact of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on Pompeii. The children will be finding out about the importance of Rome within the Roman Empire and the historical landmarks that remain. 

Romans - What did the Romans do for us? (Autumn 2)

The children will find out about the invasion and settlement of the Romans in Britain and the effect that this has had on current ways of life. They will also learn about what it was like to be a Roman soldier and the organisation of the Roman army. 
Amazing Antarctica (Spring 1)
In this topic children will learn to investigate different places and make comparisons between Antarctica and where we live.  They will also learn how to use atlases, globes, maps to describe what places are like, where they are and environmental issues. 
Survival of the fittest (Spring 2)
This unit links closely to writing a journal in literacy. Children plan and write a diary entry as if they were a scientific researcher based in Antarctica and also in the context of being an Antarctic Explorer. They will recall, select and organise historical information about Antarctic explorers – Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen and their expeditions to the South Pole. 
Iron Man (Summer 1)
The children will study the story of Iron Man as a stimulus for story writing in English. Cross curricular links will be made to our science topic of electricity as they construct a simple series electrical circuit, identifying and naming its basic parts, such as cells, wires and bulbs. They will apply the skills they have learnt to create an Iron Man with eyes which light up.
Digging up the past (Summer 2)

The children will also learn about Anglo Saxon invasions and settlements in Britain. They will discover the tools and materials that the Anglo Saxons used when building villages. The children will investigate the historical evidence that remains from Anglo Saxon settlements, including place names and artwork.


PE will take place on Monday and Wednesday. The children will need to bring indoor and outdoor kit, which includes a white t-shirt, shorts, pumps for indoors and trainers for outdoor activities. 


When a child has completed their book they need to place it into the books to change box. However, it is important that the children bring in their book bags everyday as we have volunteers who come in to listen to the children read.


All children are expected to bring fresh water only each day which they can drink at any time of the day. This should be in a clearly labelled non spill bottle. Please do not fill the bottle with anything other than plain water.