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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Garrett would like to welcome you to our Year One page.


This page will show the structure of our year and the exciting topics we will be focusing on each half term.


Autumn 1

Me, Myself and I


During this topic, we enjoy getting to know each other. We think about our families and wider communities, our likes and dislikes and about how our bodies work.


Autumn 2

Starry Starry Night


This topic has a focus on outer space and the planets. We learn about what makes day and night, as well as thinking about our amazing universe.


Spring 1

Hear Me Roar!


Do you like dinosaurs? This topic is all about the mighty dinosaurs who roamed the earth long ago. We learn about the different types of dinosaurs, the diets they had and how Mary Anning was one of the first people to discover amazing dinosaur fossils.


Spring 2

Home Sweet Home


Where do you live? During this topic we think about our town and the homes we live in. We look at houses through history and different houses from around the world.


Summer 1

Mighty Minibeasts


This topic focuses on all things creepy crawly. We learn about all the different minibeasts that live in our world. We write fact-files and non-fiction texts all about our minibeast friends!


Summer 2

Commotion in the Ocean


Our final topic takes us under the deep blue sea. We learn about amazing sea creatures and think about how we can care for our oceans and keep them clean.