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Year 5

Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June 


Hello! Hope you have all enjoyed half term and have spent time outside with your families.

I have done lots of walking, running and biking. As of Monday I will be back at school with a bubble of children for the foreseeable future. I have attached this weeks learning below. Please continue to email me with examples of learning or any questions that you may have regarding your child's learning. I may not be able to respond as quickly as normal but Mr French will be overseeing the class page and will be able to help with any queries. 


Mr Neilson's email -

Mr French's email -


I have attached 5 English lessons, 4 maths lessons, a selection of reading comprehensions, science and history activities. Computing, French and PSHE will be added later in the week. 


Don't try to do it all at once. Spread the learning out throughout the week. 


Example day - Maths lesson, English lesson, Reading comprehension or private reading, History/Science/PE/Music/Computing/French.


Enjoy the learning this week. Remember, working at home is a lot different to school. You may find it easier to work in the morning. Some of you might like to do half an hour chunks. 

Some of you might like to work in the afternoon. Whatever works best for you, works for me! 


Take care 

Mr Neilson





Friday 22nd May


Writing - I have asked you to do so much writing over the last two weeks! I have attached a number of spelling, punctuation and grammar activity sheets. Choose 1 or 2 and have a go. 


Maths - I have attached a maths mystery puzzle. You know the ones with the list of 

people and you have to work out who did it? 


Reading - There is a comprehension to do if you wish. I'm more than happy if you want to do private reading instead. 


I won't be setting work to do next week as it would be half term. I will put a few optional  puzzle and brain teaser activities on this page over the weekend. 


Enjoy the sun, stay safe, stay active and look after each other. 


Mr Neilson 

Thursday 21st May 


Writing - Today's task is to write a diary entry of any day since we haven't been at school. This could be yesterday or the most memorable day you can think of. Try to include relative clauses and a range of adjectives to show your reader what it was like. 


Maths - I have attached today's learning from White Rose Hub. 


Reading - Have a go at one of the 60 second reads. 


Afternoon learning - It's that time again! Ask how you can help around the house. Can you do any jobs that would help your parents? 


Wednesday 20th May 


Writing - If you are still working through 'The Game' tasks carry on. Take your time to really think about your story and how you can include some of the features from the example. 


If you have finished your story and have published it in some way, have a go at the inference I have attached below. 


Maths - White Rose Sheet and answers is attached below. Don't forget Times Table Rockstars. 


Reading - 60 Second reads activity or read your own book for half an hour. 


PE - Can you create an obstacle course in your home or garden? Try to incorporate different levels (standing, crouching, laying down) 

Tuesday 19th May 


Writing - Continue with your story from yesterday. If you have finished your story and made your published book have a look at pages 25-26. It is a small evaluation and it will give you chance to share your opinion on this unit of learning. What you think you have learnt and how you might use this in future pieces of writing. 


Maths - I have attached today's maths worksheet and the answers to go with the video 

on White Rose. 


Reading - Use one of the 60 second reads I put on the website yesterday. 


Computing - Mrs Lawton has shared this weeks computing activity to have a go at. 


Science - Read through the Jane Goodall powerpoint - I have attached a fact or fiction worksheet to have a go at. If you want an extra challenge could you create a poster all about Jane Goodall using the information provided and your own research. 


Monday 18th May 2020


English - Continue working through the booklet for 'The Game'. If you have already written your new problem start to think about a new setting. The ultimate goal for this scheme of work is for you to re-write your own story with a similar theme. There are planning boxes for you to use (p20-22). Get creative! Once you have written your story why not publish it into 

your own folded book? 


This might take you a few days to get your story exactly how you want it so don't rush. 


Maths - I have attached today's maths sheet with answers. The video is still on the White Rose website. Don't forget to check out BBC Bitesize if you fancy some more practise. 


Reading - I have attached four 60 second read challenges. Have a go at one each day. 


Music - Check out the links I suggested last week from Mathew. 


PE - Do you remember when we played noughts and crosses in PE? 

Have a look at this video -

Could you and your family have a go at this? 

You can use anything it doesn't have to be hoops and bibs. 

Friday 15th May


Writing - It's time to start thinking about your version of the game. Using the task on page 17-18 plan and re-write your own version of the problem. Use the example of page 17 to support your structure. Use the planning ideas on page 18 to get creative. 


Reading - I've given you lots of comprehension to do this week! Get comfortable, get a nice drink and maybe something to munch on and read your own book for a while. 


Maths - I've attached an arithmetic and an ACTIVE MATHS game for you to have a go at. 


History - Moving on to The Bronze Age, I have attached a powerpoint for you to read and look at. Your challenge is to apply for a job as a copper mining child. Use one of the three templates attached to write your application. 

Thursday 14th May 


Writing - I hope you're enjoying 'The Game' activities. Today it is time to have a go at the activities on pages 15/16. The sentence imitation activity and the adjective game. Don't worry, this is building up to a piece of writing in a few days. 


Maths - I have attached today's White Rose Maths worksheet. Keep using the video for support. 


Reading - I have attached a reading comprehension to have a go at. 


Music - Mathew (brass instructor) has sent me a few activities he wanted me to share with you. 

Here are the links


Pe - Have a go at Ping Towel Pong.

Wednesday 13th May 


Writing - Continue with the relative clause activity on page 14 of the Talk for Writing booklet. 


Maths - We now have access to the White Rose Maths lessons. I will attach today's below. Please continue to use the videos for support.  


Reading - Have a go at the attached comprehension. 


Computing - Find below this weeks computing tasks. 

Tuesday 12th May 


Writing/Reading - Continuing with 'The Game' story have a go at the likes and dislikes activity P9/10.


Now you have read/listened to the whole story can you answer the comprehension questions on page 11 of the booklet? 


Maths - Continue to use the White Rose Hub videos and the BBC Bitesize activities for maths. Times Table Rockstars the Nrich website has extra challenges. 


Science - Last week you looked at the reproduction of plants. Today you are going to look at the reproduction of mammals. Read through the attached PDF slideshow and have a go at making a fact wheel about one of the three animals I have attached. you may have to do some research for the less known animals. 


French - We have used Duolingo in school before. It is free to sign up you just need an email address. An adult could do this for you. Follow this link and select french when you have registered

Monday 11th May 


Good Morning! Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are staying safe. 

As normal I am going to update the website day by day with activities for you to do. 


Maths - Please continue to look at the White Rose Maths website. There is a home learning tab.  Choose year 5 and you will find a video for each day.  White Rose are updating this each week.

UPDATE: The activities for each session are now on the BBC home learning page. You can access these after watching the video on White Rose by clicking on the BBC bitesize link. This will provide extra practise videos and activities.


It is also worth keeping up your arithmetic skills, practising your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills as well fractions and percentages.


Writing - This weeks learning will all be linked to the Talk for Writing home-school project on The Game. I have attached the booklet which will support this weeks activities. Please read each part as will guide you through each lesson activity. I am anticipating that these activities will probably run over a fortnight so don't rush or panic if you have not completed everything by Friday. It would be great to receive some completed stories either written or typed in the next two weeks


Lesson 1 - Predict what will happen next in the story (p-5). Underline any words or phrases you don't understand and complete the task on pages (p8-9).


Reading - Reading will be a bit part of writing this week. It is wonderful to hear that so many of you are enjoying books from home really getting your teeth stuck into a story. I'm more than happy for you to use some learning time to read independently or if you wish have a go at the comprehension attached. 


Music - Check out the BBC Bitesize music lesson


PE - Go for a walk, clean the car, hoover up, put the dishes away, fold the washing. Can you tell i'm struggling for ideas? Anything you can do to keep active is brilliant. I've seen a few people completing running challenges in their gardens. How long is your garden/drive/footpath outside? How long would it take you to run a mile?  


Stone Age Learning

Stone Age Learning 1 Briony's Mammoth Descriptive Poster
Stone Age Learning 2 Briony's Mammoth Descriptive Poster
Stone Age Learning 3 Faye's Cave Painting


Still image for this video
Check out Bethany's bow and arrow advert!

News Report

Still image for this video
Check out Olivia's Skara Brae's TV report!

Examples of Home Learning

Examples of Home Learning  1 Joe's Bangladesh Mind Map
Examples of Home Learning  2 Spencer's Fantastic Art
Examples of Home Learning  3 Spencers Fantastic Art
Examples of Home Learning  4 Victoria's Russia Mind Map
Examples of Home Learning  5 Joe's Report
Examples of Home Learning  6 Bethany's Report
Examples of Home Learning  7 Fran's Stig of The Dump inspired den!
Examples of Home Learning  8 Fran's Stig of The Dump inspired den!
Examples of Home Learning  9 Faye's Photography Skills
Examples of Home Learning  10 Faye's Namibia Report
Examples of Home Learning  11 Faye's Namibia Report
Examples of Home Learning  12 Faye's Namibia Report

Please find below activities for the children to do from Tuesday 14h April 2020. Each day will have a writing activity, a reading activity and afternoon life skills ideas. 



In regards to maths please look at the White Rose Maths website.  There is a home learning tab.  Choose year 5 and you will find a video and an activity for each day.  White Rose are updating this each week. There are currently two weeks of lessons feel free to start from either. 


All links and files from previous weeks will remain on this page for you to have a go at during the next two weeks if you choose to. 


I am happy for you to email me about any aspect of your child's learning. My email address is



There are also a number of useful websites listed under Parents- Websites to support home learning. Some companies including Twinkl, White Rose Hub and Classroom Secrets have currently made their websites free to the public. These websites have many resources that are used to support the children with their learning in school. 



At present, all learning which children participate in will hold some value. From learning to bake a cake and ride a bike to mastering your times tables and writing a diary. However, for some, time to support your child may be limited whilst working from home and learning may require prioritising each day from a list of tasks set by each class teacher.


Norton Free staff are, where possible, continuing to set tasks which are linked to our Year group curriculum plans in order to minimise the impact on future learning and ensure that pupils are continuing to receive age related and relevant activities. From Monday 27th April all learning set will have a key to prioritise learning.


Green will indicate that this learning is essential and is part of a series of lessons which will impact on future learning. These take first priority. Amber will indicate that these are tasks set in isolation. These should be completed but are not part of a series of lessons. Red will indicate extension activities or additional challenges which are to be completed after all other learning.

Thursday 7th May 


Writing - Thanks for sharing your amazing animals of the stone age! Your challenge today is to create your own Stone Age character using the template below. Think about what skills, personality, appearance, name and characteristics your creation will have. 


Maths - Continue with WR maths. Could you challenge a friend on TTR? 


Reading - I have attached a poem comprehension for you to have a go at. 


Extra - I have also attached some word puzzles to make you think! 


As you are all working so hard I'll let you have a rest day tomorrow (It's a bank holiday) 

Have fun and be active. 


Mr Neilson 

Wednesday 6th May 


Writing - Your task today is to create a fact file for a Stone Age animal. I have attached a word document to get you started and give you some ideas. You don't have to use these you could use the internet or books to research. You could present this as a leaflet or a poster. 


Maths - Continue with White Rose lessons and have a look at the additional resources for extra brain teasers and challenges. 


Reading - I have attached a play script comprehension to have a go at. You may be familiar with the story.


VE Day - I have attached some VE information and activities to complete. Theres a word search! 


Tuesday 5th May


Writing - Today you are going to be learning about Skara Brae. Use the powerpoint and your own research to complete the activity attached below. 


Reading - Continue with Stig of the Dump, I have attached chapter 2. 


Maths - Have a go at today's lesson from White Rose. Don't forget about the extra activities above if you fancy a challenge. 


Science - Use the attached Powerpoint to understand how plants reproduce. There is an activity to complete and an experiment if you wish. 


Computing - Mrs Lawton has sent this weeks computing learning. See attached file below. 

Resources for Tuesday

Picture 1

Monday 4th May (May the fourth be with you) *Star Wars pun 


Hello! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. The weather hasn't been as nice but still warm enough to get out and exercise. I love seeing your work and how much you have learnt about other countries. This week we're going back in time. Above there are lots of resources to try if you would like to after completing the work set below. 

Take Care 

Mr Neilson


Writing - This week our focus for writing is going to be about The Stone Age period. Use the attached powerpoint to find out more information and think about what it might have been like around 2.6 MILLION years ago. 


Your challenge today is to create a television advert for your newly invented, highly technical and first of its kind... Bow and arrow. Can you think of unique selling points that could convince your audience to purchase your item? 

Use the planning sheet below to support your advert. 


Maths - There is a new set of maths on White Rose Hub it recaps learning that we have already completed in year 5 so it will be good to remind yourself of the skills. 


Reading - As we would have been reading Stig of The Dump I have attached chapter one for you to read. There are some quiz questions to have a go at. 


PE - Today would be a PE day. Can you create a training drill for your favourite sport? 


Music - Continue to practise your cornet if you took it home. If not have a look at the following website and select try web version. It is similar to the beatbox website we used in class.


Friday 1st May 


Writing - Continue with your report about your chosen country. I have seen that some people have finished. If this is you could you take today to write a letter or an email to a friend or family member that you maybe haven't spoken to recently? 


Reading - Read for 30 minutes, as I said yesterday there are many reading tasks below if you wish to complete a comprehension activity. If you fancy an extra challenge could you write questions based on the text you are reading? 


Maths - I have attached an arithmetic to have a go at. Feel free to do the White Rose Hub lesson as well. 


History - Our new history topic for the summer term is... The Stone Age to The Iron Age. 

Have a look at the following webpage

can you create a list of questions of things you would like to know by the end of this topic? 

Friday Resources

Thursday 30th April 


Writing - If you have planned/started your report about your chosen country carry on! try to have between 3 and 5 paragraphs with different headings sharing information. I attached a picture of some success criteria to help you yesterday. If you got excited and decided to write it all could you make a powerpoint presentation about your country? 


Maths - Continue with White Rose Hub (Arithmetic day tomorrow) 


Reading - Read for 30 minutes minimum. This could be alone or to an adult or sibling. There are lots of reading activities on this page if you would like to complete one. 


Quiz - I have attached a general knowledge quiz to have a go at! 

Thursday Resources

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Writing - Hopefully you have had fun researching your chosen country. Today you have a choice to either plan your layout using the template below or have a go at writing your introduction (name of country, where it is, why you have chosen it) and first paragraph of information which will be more specific (history, food and drink, famous people). The reading task for today is a non-chronological report that you can also use as a wagoll. 


Reading - Have a look at the Caribbean text below. There are questions to answer but also use this to support your writing/planning. 


Maths - Continue with White Rose Hub. I have attached two consolidation tasks for anybody looking for an extra challenge. 


Computing - See the attached word document with links. 

Picture 1

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Writing - You should have chosen your country and started to fill in your word wall. Don't worry if you have gaps! By the end of the week you will be able to fill them. Your task today is to create a brainstorm of your country. I have included a list of things you could research and an example of what a a brainstorm could look like. You could do this on paper or use the website on the image of the list to make one online and screen shot it. 


Maths - Continue to follow White Rose Hub 


Reading - I have attached another comprehension. If you would like to have 30 minutes reading your own book to replace this today that is fine. 


Science - Living things and their habitats, look through the powerpoint and have a go at one or more activity sheets. 




Tuesday Resources

Tuesday Resources 1
Tuesday Resources 2

Monday 27th April 2020


Hello! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and been as active as possible. 


This week you are going to complete a research project about any country of your choice. Think about somewhere you don't know very well, this will make it more interesting. 

Throughout the week you are going to build up to create a presentation about your chosen country. 


Writing - Today does not require much research funnily enough. Your task today is to choose a country (somewhere you don't know much information about). Find and draw the flag of this country. You could even try to attach it to a pole or stick to put it in the garden. Once you have drawn your flag your challenge is to start filling in a word wall. Without researching what do you know about this country? It could be things like language, what continent it's in, national religion etc. Only put one word or phrase in each brick. Hopefully by the end of the week you will able to complete your word wall after you have researched. 


Maths - Continue with White Rose Hub, Times Table Rockstars and any other maths from the home learning page that you haven't had a go at. 


Reading - I have attached a reading comprehension to have a go at. 


Music - If you have your cornet have a go at playing some of the pieces you have learnt in school. If you don't check out this website

and have a go at some of the activities. 


PE - It's time to master a skill. This could be a handstand, throwing and catching, catching with your wrong hand, using your weaker foot. 

Spelling Activities

Spelling Activities 1
Spelling Activities 2
Spelling Activities 3
Spelling Activities 4


Please find attached comprehension based activities.


Current topic- The Eye of The Storm - The children are using the following video as a stimulus for writing. - 


- Children can write a diary entry as the captain explaining how they feel during the film.


- Children can write the next chapter of the film explaining what happens when they enter the eye of the storm. 


- Children can write a prologue explaining how the captain and the dragon met and how they got to this point in time. 


Next Topic- Conversation poetry - Michael Rosen.


I have also attached a number of links to creative writing resources that your child can complete. 


- Pobble 365 is a great resource and the children are used to completing these tasks in class. 


Current topic- Decimals and Percentages - (Decimals as fractions, understanding thousandths, thousandths as decimals, rounding decimals, percentages as fractions and decimals) Follow link for lessons


Next topic- Adding and subtracting decimals. 


Please ensure your child is using Times Table Rockstars. If your child has forgotten any login details please email me and I will reply asap. 


Whilst we would like you to complete some reading, writing and maths with your child daily please also enable your child to access creative activities such as painting, drawing and research on our current topic, Ancient Greece.


Further information about our current topics can be found on our knowledge organiser. These topics will be updated regularly.

Computing home learning