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Year 5

Monday 13/07/2020


Hello! We've almost made it to the holidays. For the final time please see below for this weeks learning. I have attached reading and maths resources as well as a variety of quizzes and puzzles. Have a fun week and take care.




Mr Neilson

Week Commencing 6/7/20.


Hello! I can't believe it is two weeks until the summer holidays... I just wanted to say how proud I am of each and every one of you. The last few months have been so challenging for everyone in different ways. You have continued to impress me with the quality of learning you have produced and the amazing extra curricular activities, sports and games you have taken part in. I'm gutted that we weren't able to even have a couple of days together to celebrate the year. However, it is time to start thinking about transition. This week the majority of your learning is going to be reflecting, looking ahead and preparing for life as a Y6. You are all going to be amazing and I can't wait to see you again in September. 


Take care 

Mr Neilson. 




English - 


Monday - Complete the memories of year 5 Sheet. You could try and get in touch with friends and share your memories and see if have remembered the same ones. 


Tuesday - Use the letter planning template to plan a letter that you will write to Mr Holland tomorrow. Try to share as much about yourself as possible.


Wednesday - It's time to write your letter - You could either write or type this. I will forward all letters to Mr Holland so he can read them. Please forward them to


Thursday/Friday - I have attached a transition booklet for you to work through. Take your time and really think about your answers. This is a good time to reflect on this year and think about your future as a year 6! 

Reading - 


This week I have selected three news reports for you to complete. On the other two days take some time to read your own books. 

Maths - UPDATED - 6/7/20


This week we are looking at shape. Continue to use the White Rose Hub resources and videos. Please email me if you have any problems. I have altered this weeks maths as I had uploaded the wrong unit of work. Please complete the polygon learning. Feel free to complete the volume learning if you have already started or printed it! 




From Monday @ 9am there will be another competition between year 5 and year 6 ending @ 3pm Friday. 


Science - 


For then next two weeks we are going to focus on famous scientists and inventors. 

Read through the power point and have a go at the quiz at the end of the presentation. There is also an investigation to have a go at if you have the resources. Don't worry if you don't! You could do some extra research into Stephanie Kwolek.


PE - 


Sport and exercise has kept me sane during this crazy time. Get out as much as possible, run, walk, cycle, scoot, roll and jump. If you can arrange to meet a friend in the park or go on a walk or cycle with a family member then do it! 

Geography - 


This week I have attached a video from Sir David Attenborough discussing plastic pollution. 


I have attached a table for you to track how much single use plastic you use in your house in one week. Most packaging will state whether it can be recycled or not. Once you have completed your form could you create an action plan how your family could reduce their plastic footprint? 

Blue Planet II Plastic Pollution Awareness 2018

Sir David Attenborough's haunting message on plastic pollution in the oceans. Buy the DVD which shares extraordinary new discoveries and examines what the fu...

Additional Transition Activities - 


I have attached below a selection of additional transition booklets and activities to work through. 


R.E - 


This week we are looking at symbols of peace. Work through the power point and use the ideas to create your own peace symbol. Could you use some current affairs or things that are happening in the world at the moment for inspiration? 

Alice and Francesca's Lemonade and Cookies Business!

Stone Age Learning

Briony's Mammoth Descriptive Poster
Briony's Mammoth Descriptive Poster
Faye's Cave Painting


Still image for this video
Check out Bethany's bow and arrow advert!

News Report

Still image for this video
Check out Olivia's Skara Brae's TV report!

Examples of Home Learning

Joe's Bangladesh Mind Map
Spencer's Fantastic Art
Spencers Fantastic Art
Victoria's Russia Mind Map
Joe's  Report
Bethany's Report
Fran's Stig of The Dump inspired den!
Fran's Stig of The Dump inspired den!
Faye's Photography Skills
Faye's Namibia Report
Faye's Namibia Report
Faye's Namibia Report