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Year 4

Love From The Year 4 Children

Still image for this video


A massive 'Thankyou' to everyone in Y4 for the totally brilliant video;it's so lovely to see everyone's faces.Mrs Waite & I love it! All the staff at Norton Free think it's fabulous toosmiley


Hello Y4 & all of your parents & carers!

Well, I really can't believe it's the final week of our time together ( so to speak!) Throughout lock down, I hope you have enjoyed the work I have given you. I have loved seeing not only your completed work, but all the new skills you have developed like baking, gardening,art & craft.

I am so sorry we didn't get the chance to have a whole year together but know you will be fabulous Y5s! Sending you all my very best wishes & hoping you have a wonderful Summer, Mrs Tsmiley

 .Parents/Carers please keep sending photos of work/activities to me. 

 My email:




Libby's volcanic eruption!

Still image for this video
We made our volcanoes right at the start of Year 4 & erupted a couple in the yard. Everyone else took theirs this the one you made in school Libby?
Thomas W your acrostic is great!
Harry H's Year 4 acrostic poem, I love it Harry
Lilly's thoughtful Year 4 acrostic.
What a fabulous acrostic poem Alfie!
Spencer's amazing masking tape artwork
Hadley's fabulous rap!
Lilly-Rose working hard!
Fabulous maths from Summer!
Ethan J's Anglo Saxon  secret message
Your work has blown me away (again) Libby!
Save one for me Thomas!
Hadley found his own labyrinth no Minotaur though!
Your Sunflowers drawing brightened my day Summer!
Chase is helping Ryan with his work!
Hadley's work on Theseus & The Minotaur.
Ruby's origami lotus flower for our Buddhism work
Zaeyon & brothers with a very important message

There are a number of useful websites listed under Parents- Websites to support home learning. Some companies including Twinkl, White Rose Hub and Classroom Secrets have currently made their websites free to the public. These websites have many resources that are used to support the children with their learning in school. 


During any period of school closure, please continue to read with your child daily, both books they may have brought home from school or any other reading materials you may have at home


Notice-prioritising tasks.


Green  indicates that this learning is essential and is part of a series of lessons which will impact on future learning. These take first priority. Amber  indicates that these are tasks set in isolation. These should be completed but are not part of a series of lessons. Red indicates extension activities or additional challenges which are to be completed after all other learning.

 Home Learning resources for w/c 13.07.20

(Classroom Secrets KIDS section has lots of new content on; please email me if you need your child's login details)



Please find attached comprehension based activities.


If your child has a Lexia Core 5 login (they will know) then they can access this from home using the following link- 

The first time you login at home you will need to type in the following email address to verify the school- 


Please find attached the list of Year 4 common exception words (many of which have previously been sent home as weekly spellings) Children can recap spelling the ones we have already learnt & I will continue to include those we have still to focus on in the weekly spelling list.

Spelling list w/c 13.07.20

I have added a list of spellings for your child to focus on this week.

Writing- For your final week of  Y4 writing, I have given you a variety of tasks.

Monday 13.07.20- To start the week, I have attached a sheet which gives you the chance to think about some of the positives to have come out of lock down. I know it has been a difficult time for us all, but try to reflect on some good things that have happened, new skills you have developed & things you have learnt. I have discovered some wonderful new walks, seen lots more wildlife & have appreciated my family & friends much more (especially when I haven't been able to see them)


Tuesday 14.07.20-Today, I would like you to think about your memories of Year 4; I know you don't have a whole year of school memories but hopefully you can think of a few things you enjoyed. You can even tell me about some things you enjoyed learning about at home.

 ♦ My favourite memories of Year 4 are: Our wonderful visit to The Deep ! I am so glad we had chance to experience a school trip together just before lock down.I still laugh when I remember telling a boy from the other school (in the same uniform as ours) to hurry uplaugh

♦ I loved teaching you about volcanoes and the weeks we spent making our papier mache ones.

♦ Going swimming to  The Graves centre.

There are lots more memories but I'll see what you come up with.


Wednesday 15.07.20- We can't finish the year without an acrostic poem, so I've attached a template for one all about Year 4. I've also attached my attemptsmiley


Thursday 16.07.20-Today's task is to tell me about your hopes & dreams for the Summer holidays, they can be as realistic or as imaginative as you like! You might wish for sunny weather so you can have fun outside, maybe go on some days out or even a little holiday. I'm looking forward to having a few days on holiday at the seaside & having some fish & chips. I also hope I see some of you while I'm out & about in the Norton area.


Friday 17.07.20-The final task is to draw a self portrait of yourself ( see the PDF below) Add some information to the inner self side e.g I have drawn a cat because I love animals and have my own cat called Rio. There is a picture of a tennis racket to show that I am very sporty and enjoy being active.









Please find attached a resource to help your child to include fronted adverbials in their writing.The use of these is part of the English curriculum for Year 4 & the children (should) be able to explain what a fronted adverbial is.If you need clarification please email mesmiley

I have added a booklet which shows the cursive handwriting style taught in school which we practise during our handwriting lessons.

 UPDATE-I have found another handwriting booklet that uses the same font so have attached that too.

Maths-w/c 13.07.20

- Daily maths lessons

White Rose Maths Home Learning  includes 5 daily lessons for each of the week's objectives.Every lesson comes with a short video showing how to complete the activity.Follow the link to access the resources.

This week's lessons are under  Home Learning,Year 4 -Summer Term week 12( wc 13th July) -lines of symmetry,complete a symmetrical figure,describe position,draw on a grid.

At the side of the video is a link to BBC Bitesize where there are further worksheets and activities linked to that day's learning.


Times Tables Rockstars,TopMarks Daily 10 & Push The Button are all great interactive resources to reinforce quick recall of multiplication tables & divison facts.If your child cannot remember their password to log in, please email me at & I will forward it on.

White Rose Daily Maths lessons worksheets & answers 

Science-w/c 13.07.20

To complete our work on habitats we will be looking at how habitats can change. Watch the power point, answer the questions then choose a habitat that is under threat (e.g The Rainforest,Antarctica or The Arctic) Write a paragraph about what is happening & what we can do to help.

Starters for STEM are ten activities that can be used at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.

History/Geography w/c 13.07.20


To complete our work on Anglo-Saxons you will be learning all about the most famous Anglo-Saxon king of all, Alfred the Great. I have attached a link to a BBC Bitesize page with lots of interesting information,

PE/Keeping active

• Joe Wicks workout on his YouTube channel.

• Have a look at Go Noodle..Year 4 especially love Banana,Banana,Meatball !smiley

• BBC Supermovers is also a great site for keeping active with links to maths & English.


R.E- w/c 13.07.20

To complete our work on inspirational people from long ago, we will be revisiting some of our learning from way back in Year 2! Do you remember the work we did on the founder of

 Sikhism,Guru Nanak? I recall many of you were really interested in the work we did about him; see if you can remember any parts of the story about his life & make some notes.Then, watch the power point which goes into more detail and see if you can build on the knowledge you already have.

Ideas for managing children's stress & anxiety

I have added a link from an email I have been sent with a few ideas. We tried some meditation techniques in class a couple of times and quite a few of the children seemed to find it helpful.Maybe give it a try;I would be interested to know what you think



This week's art is linked to our work on Anglo-Saxons; I have left last week's work on which was the image of the Sutton Hoo helmet for you to sketch. I have also added a worksheet where you can design your own Anglo Saxon brooch.

Computing home learning

French w/c 13.07.20

Bonjour Y4,M.Cachou has sent me your final activities for this year along with a song from The Jungle Book in French! Hope you enjoy itsmiley