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The Adventures of Bobby and Bonnie

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Our budding artists...

Describing Bonnie by Hannah.

Describing Bonnie by Hannah. 1

Bobby by Mia Y3

Bobby by Mia Y3 1

Bobby by Hannah Whitaker

Bobby by Hannah Whitaker 1

Bobby by Sonny Steele

Bobby by Sonny Steele 1

As you know, Bobby arrived at Mrs Bell's house on Mother's Day 2020. Bobby is a black cockerpoo and he was born on the 25th January 2020.  He arrived just before 'lockdown' and has loved being at home with all the family!

When we return to school, I hope that Bobby can come and say hello to all the children because he loves fuss and attention! You may have seen Bobby because he appeared on the teacher's video for children. You will be able to catch up on his adventures, here, on the school website. Some children have sent in pictures of Bobby so I will add them here! 


Bobby has a new friend called Bonnie! He hasn't actually met her yet, but he will share this page with Bonnie and you can find out all about their adventures! Bonnie arrived at Mrs Lawton's house not too long ago and she is only a little bit younger than Bobby. I think they will be great friends. 

Keep checking for updates on Bobby and Bonnie as we share what they have been getting up to. They both LOVE children.

Mrs B

Bobby loves to meet people and dogs. When we had the warmer weather, our neighbour's dog came to play. This is Bobby and Milo waiting for a treat. Milo is 18 months old and they had both been racing round the garden. After they had been racing around, Bobby was really hot. Luckily we still had the sandpit that Mrs Bell's children had used when they were little, so we filled it with water and guess who jumped in! 

Play date with Milo and straight in the water!

Play date with Milo and straight in the water! 1
Play date with Milo and straight in the water! 2

Bobby in the garden

Still image for this video

Bobby and Bonnie

Bobby and Bonnie 1 Bobby
Bobby and Bonnie 2 Bonnie

Bobby is going for a haircut...

Bobby is going for a haircut... 1 Before
Bobby is going for a haircut... 2 After

Bobby and his brother and sisters

Bobby and his brother and sisters 1

Bobby's dad is called Roscoe

Bobby's dad is called Roscoe 1

Hello everyone,

First day in my new home


I’ve been wanting to write to tell you about Bonnie so here goes....

Bonnie was born on the 9th April 2020 so that makes her 11 weeks old today.




1 week old


There were three puppies in the litter, she has a brother and a sister.

It is so exciting watching Bonnie discover things in the world for the first time.

Bonnie sleeps well- her bed is in a crate to make sure that she is safe whilst we’re asleep because she is quite mischievous.


Bonnie is very inquisitive, funny and loves playing games. Her favourite game at the moment is finding treats hidden in small cardboard boxes or tubes. She also loves stealing shoes and chewing on the laces!


I love chewing Emily’s shoe lace

Today she decided to put her head under the running water tap in the garden.



I put my head under the cold water tap in the garden to cool me down.

Bonnie plays for a little while (often racing around at top speed!) and then needs to have a little nap.



It’s hard work being a puppy!

Bonnie just can’t wait to meet Bobby. Think there could be trouble when they’re together though!

Take care everyone.

Mrs Lawton