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Foundation Stage

Please email any examples/ photos of your work and we will put them on the Foundation Stage page... we can't wait to see what you've been up to!  Send examples to Mrs wakes and Miss Hayes email address below.


Green will indicate that this learning is essential and is part of a series of lessons which will impact on future learning. These take first priority.

Amber will indicate that these are tasks set in isolation. These should be completed but are not part of a series of lessons.

Red will indicate extension activities or additional challenges which are to be completed after all other learning.


We are happy for you to email us about any aspect of your child's learning.  Our email addresses are:- and


There are also a number of useful websites listed under Parents- Websites to support home learning. Some companies including Twinkl, White Rose Hub and Classroom Secrets have currently made their websites free to the public. These websites have many resources that are used to support the children with their learning in school. 


Other useful websites include- Cosmic Kids Yoga, Gonoodle and imoves, these sites encourage physical activity and movement.


During any period of school closure, please continue to read with your child daily. As well as their school reading book please share other reading materials you may have at home with them.





Photo Gallery w/c 01.06.20 

We were so pleased to see what some  of you have been up to at home... please keep posting your photos as we will update this gallery on a weekly basis!!

Picture 1 Wow Elizabeth- super time work!
Picture 2
Picture 3 Elizabeth found a shield bug on her trampoline
Picture 4 Oscar's glass painting - what can you spot?
Picture 5 Super reading skills Oscar
Picture 6 What's Oscar making?
Picture 7
Picture 8 Neat writing!
Picture 9 It's a giraffe!
Picture 10 Oscar can do some outdoor cooking- yum!
Picture 11 Look who else can ride a bike- Charlotte!
Picture 12 Woodland walk
Picture 13 Gardening in the sun



Phonics week commencing 01/06/20


We will now be revisiting sounds and words from phase 3 and phase 4 of phonics. This is because phase 5 will be revisited in Year 1, and by the end of Foundation Stage children should begin to feel confident in their knowledge of phase 3 & 4. Hopefully your child will be confident with most of these sounds and words, but use this last half term to help your child in writing as well as reading these words. Included in the new Powerpoint are a list of tricky words (words that can't be sounded out) for these phases.


The PowerPoint attached is in a format that the children are used to. Ask your child to stretch out the words e.g. c- oi-n  and then squash them - 'coin' (they will show you how it's done!). It might be an idea  to ask them to play teacher, so you can see how to do it! There are five lessons included in the PowerPoint. 


When you have done, ask your child to have a go at writing the words and sentences suggested . You might need to write them first for them to copy, then let them have a go at writing the sentences on their own. Pay particular attention to pencil grip, if there are certain letters needing more attention , it might be an idea to do some letter formation (handwriting) practise also.



Please also use the links below for useful resources and interactive learning. 


Phonics w/c 01.06.20

Fine Motor skills booklet

Our Wonderful World

Our next topic is Our Wonderful world. In this topic we learn about the similarities and differences between our country and others. We will venture all around the continents, visiting France, Australia, India, Africa, Brazil and The Caribbean.

Writing- England week 1  (01.06.20)


This week in Literacy we are going to be learning about England. 

Enjoy looking at the power point about England and London and listening to the story about ”The Queens Knickers!”. Perhaps you have your own book about England or London at home that you would like to read or maybe you would like to look up facts about England, London and the Queen. 


Can you look at the power point about England and then listen to the story about ”The Queens Knickers” (links and resources given below).


Can you tell your grown up or sister or brother any facts you know about England , London or the Queen?


This week we are going to pretend that we are king or queen for the day.

Close your eyes, what would you do if they were king or queen for the day? Tell your grown up some of your ideas.

Can you write a sentence about what you would do if you were king or queen for the day (“If I was king/queen I would…” ). Can you draw a picture of yourself as King or queen?

England Powerpoint and writing resources

My News From Home 


Just like our " My News" books at school, it would be fantastic if you could draw a picture and write about what you have made, found, seen, played with or watched each week at home . 


 Maths England week 1 Money (01.06.20)




Maths Task

In Maths this week we were going to thinking about money.


Where might you spend money?


What do we call English money?


What sign needs to go at the end of a price? (p) What does the p mean?


Can you have a look at some coins at home. What are their values in pence (e.g. 10p- 10 1ps )? Can you order them from the lowest value to the highest?


Can you pretend you have gone to London for a visit and bought an ice cream from the shop.


  • How much does the ice-cream cost? Look at the coins and write the total in the circle below.
  • There are 3 sheets, the first one is counting in 1ps, the next is counting in 2ps and the last is adding on from 10p. (Please do whichever sheet/sheets are most appropriate)
Here are some additional resources for maths . 

Mental Maths weekly challenge! (01.06.20)

Can you continue to practice your number bonds to 10.   Children to put 10 fingers up ,fold down he number that is given to them and then count how many fingers are left to workout what the number bond is.

(1-9, 2-8, 3-7, 4-6, 5-5)


Word of maths challenge! (01.06.20)

Each week we will be looking at a different number and trying to find out facts about it. 

This week our number is 


How many things can you find in your house/garden that there is seven of? 

What facts do you know about 7?

What is its double?

What is 1 more/less?

Can you decorate your number 7 with 7 of different things you find? (feel free to write your facts inside or around your number 7)


World of 2

World of 3

World of 4

World of 5

World of 6

World of 7


A Little Bit Of Fun

Here are some fun activities linked to our topic I'm Alive and plants .


Please do not feel that you have to do all of these they are just ideas to have a little bit of fun around the home


Can you design or make a crown like a real king or queen? (design sheet below)


Can you design or make a shield like a real knight? (design sheet below)  


Can you colour an England flag and make it into a real flag or colour a few and make it into bunting?


Can you design a pair of pants for the Queen for if she ever visits the school? (design sheet below)


Can you make a London bridge out of building blocks or Lego?


You have learnt about who is in the Queens family can you make a family tree or talk about who is in your family?



Our next topic of RE was learning about Sikhism and how some of their beliefs, practise and stories.

Please feel free to watch these videos to learn a little about the Sikh faith. 



I hope you are all managing to get out and about either in your garden or local area to get a little exercise in the fresh air. However, on rainy days this might prove more difficult so here are a couple of indoor suggestions. 


Joe Wicks- The Body Coach does a daily PE session on You tube at 9AM


Go Noodle- We love this website in Foundation Stage! Enjoy learning dance routines and chilling out to one of  their Flow activities.


Cosmic Kids Yoga- A yoga workout set to familiar stories that the children will know and relate to.