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Cross Country 2019 2020

The next cross country race will be at Parkwood Springs on Saturday 28th September 2019. You will find all the information about the league races, Championships and Relays here in the document below.  Children may enter Cross Country if they are in Y3, Y4, Y5 or Y6. Letters about Cross Country will be added here. Please aim to arrive for around 9:30am and look out for Mrs Bell and the Norton Free School flag. You will have an opportunity to walk the course. Races start at 10am with Y3/4 girls. This is followed by Y3/4 boys, Y5/6 girls and finally Y5/6 boys.Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 28th September!  Mrs Bell

Cross Country Dates 2019 2020

Bolehills Letter

Bolehills Results - 

Well done Freya Rose, Jem Martin and Charlie Barker for running after your 'not a lot of sleep' residential!

Y3/4 Girls - Amelie Harrison 34th, Ruby Uttley 36th, Libby Maddocks 43rd, Maya Dyson 46th (first race as a Y3), Amy Currie 49th - Well done Girls - 125 runners!

Y3/4 Boys - Spencer Trenchard 20th, Jacob Marsden 24th (first race as a Y3), Oliver Rushton Smedley 36th, Alfie Dean 64th, Sonny Steele (first race as a Y3), Zaeyon Sackey, Harry Higgins, Daniel Currie, Zachariah Powell (first race as a Y3) - Well done Boys - 152 runners.

Y5/6 Girls -Francesca Brown 13th, Ruby Songjam 24th, Sophie Clayton 25th, Freya Rose 89th, Victoria Powell 103rd - Well done girls -127 runners

Y5/6 Boys - Jem Martin 6th, Charlie Barker 64th - Well done boys - 163 runners

Bolehills Race 1

Bolehills Race 1 1 Team Norton
Bolehills Race 1 2 Team Norton with Billy Sharp (the dog).