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Coronavirus information

At the start of January the UK government Department for Education acknowledged the importance of reducing risk of airbourne COVID transmission in classrooms. One step they took was to pledge a limited number of HEPA air purifiers to schools across the country. The ventilation threshold of eligibility for schools to apply for these was far worse than safety levels recommended by the World Health Organisation, and most schools will not receive any filters. 


We know that in cold weather it can be difficult to keep classroom windows open all the time to maintain ventilation. Effective HEPA air filtration can help provide protection against airbourne viruses such as Covid-19 and also improve indoor air quality more broadly, reducing pollutants and allergens such as dust and pollen which can cause problems for children and teachers alike. 

Benefits include improving children's concentration and academic performance, as well as lowering levels of sick leave amongst children and staff.


Several parents have now expressed an interest in purchasing a HEPA unit for each classroom. There is a now a live fundraising page for this purpose at GoFundMe. The units are likely to cost under £250 each, for 7 classrooms. If parents contributed between £5-£10 per child then we would be able to fund this mostly through donations, rather than using school funds. We realise some may wish to give more while others might not feel they can afford it, but we wish each class to benefit from this venture going forwards. 

If you want any further information please email Sarah Todd at 

Please follow the link below:


*HEPA filters for Norton Free Primary classrooms*


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One of our governors has forwarded this link. Please take a look if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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